In this extended special, Career In Ruins forms an alliance with ArchaeoDuck to delve into the use of archaeology and anthropology in the Star Trek franchise. The podcast is an extended version of “Star Trek Archaeology, which can be found at the link below.

Who are the best and worst archaeologists in the various series? What do Star Trek and archaeology have to do with colonialism? Will Professor Galen ever remember to wear gloves when handling ancient objects? And why do we all have such a crush on Benjamin Sisko? We tackle these questions and more, with plenty of juicy clips and a few unintentional quips. Sit back (preferably with a cup of Earl Grey tea, hot), and enjoy. Did you enjoy hearing from Archaeoduck? You can hear much more from her incredible YouTube channel.

Archaeoduck YouTube:

Archaeology and Star Trek: 


Hosted by Lawrence Shaw, Derek Pitman and Chloë Duckworth 

Artwork by Ed Hudspeth

Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (

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